About LRS® CurbAppeal

LRS CurbAppeal makes the process of finding a home easy and convenient. Begin your search for a home with LRS CurbAppeal and a participating real estate agent. Participating real estate agents use LRS CurbAppeal to stay in touch with their buyers and assist them with finding their home.

For Buyers

  • Find homes for sale by creating a personalized Search
  • Find listings based on your location using Search Nearby
  • Save your search criteria with Saved Searches and recall with a single tap
  • Quickly find your most-liked listings by marking them as Favorites
  • Remember how well you liked a listing by ranking it with Star Ratings
  • Communicate quickly with your real estate agent using the Message Center
  • Estimate your monthly payment with the Mortgage Calculator

For Agents

  • Create CurbAppeal accounts for your buyers
  • Review your buyers' favorite listings
  • View and add Saved Searches for your buyers
  • Keep track of your active buyers
  • Locate your buyers' contact info, including phone number and email address